“Wild Horses” release party on July 2nd!



Even though you haven’t heard from me for a whole month, I have not been idle, nor silent. The keyboard has been clicking away with corrections to “Wild Horses,” my first ever book, which is coming out on Monday, July 1st. Who knew that a simple book would take this much work? It would have never happened without my kind editors and proofreaders, though. I am looking forward to seeing it in print!

Now you may wonder, why I’d have a release party the day after release? There is a birthday in the family, and family always takes precedence over my flights of imagination, even when they happen to result in a book. I’ll send you the details later.

Good news, though. It looks like I’ll be doing a book signing in Prague, Czech Republic this fall! Not only that, but a translator magically appeared and offered to translate Wild Horses into Czech. As great and flattering as this is, I feel a bit out of my depth, because even though I am a native speaker of Czech, and even though I have worked as a professional translator for a number of years, this is the first time ever that I will be enjoying the translation services of somebody else. 

This short message is all you get today. It’s time to switch the laundry, scare up something for lunch, and finish the story I promised to Goodreads for their “Love Has No Boundaries” special event! 




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