A 5-KISS REVIEW! So flattered, and so grateful. You can find it here:


But seriously, being a new writer means learning not only about writing and editing (and editing… and editing… and even more editing!) It also means about taking criticism from all and sundry. Putting a book out is a lot like having one of those “naked dreams,” where you forgot to put your clothes on and hope nobody at the bus stop will notice that only you are naked. Writing is very revealing – I find it impossible to compose a decent paragraph without tapping into my character’s emotions and back-story experiences. Those come, of course, from me. No matter how much external inspiration and research goes into a character, there is a piece of me in the core of that man or or that woman. That would be the revealing part. 

When the reviews come rolling in, some readers like the books and others don’t. That’s normal, and I try to take it as such, but with every negative review I do have that “naked-at-the-bus-stop” feeling. They noticed the empress has no clothes. Oops! Those happen. There is a very irate 1-star review on Amazon, and I read it several times in an effort to understand my reader better. It was hard at first, but then I realized that this reader felt upset about a thing I made my character do, and he or she actually cared enough to let me know. This was a worthy gift.

However, the link to Top2Bottom Reviews describes exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I am grateful, not only for the kind words, but also for the possibility that some of my readers and reviewers see me as fully dressed, even though I feel like I am one fig leaf short!Image

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