I’ve been interviewed by PD Singer!

There has been so much going on! My current participation in a storytelling festival, a daughter going off to college, a new book coming out… In midst of all this happy activity,  PD Singer posted an interview with me on her site:


I bear very little responsibility for the pictures in the blog. PD is fascinated by the fact that I either snow-bathe or jump in the river on January 1st. I do this to forestall illness in the upcoming year, and it works pretty well. It sort of explains the pearls… we were still being “festive.” 

The horse I’m grooming is one of the patient school horses I ride, Harry. He has excellent ground manners and and listens to me, because he can smell the carrots in my pocket. 

The mushrooms… oh, I could tell you stories about those! My daughter found a lovely, young rosette of sulphur shelf mushroom, also knows as “chicken of the woods.” We count it as “good eats,” especially in stews and braises. 

Thank you, Pam, for having me over. For those of you who haven’t done so, check out Pam’s story about training cats. It’s really sweet… I loved it!


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