Pain free! Meet my trigger point massage therapist.

Writing can be hard on the body. First, there was sitting, which got me fat. Then came the treadmill desk, which got me moving, but at the expense of aches and pains. Lower back, hips, knees… I felt decades older than I should, and since my symptoms coincided with increase in desk walking, triathlon training, and horseback riding, I decided to make an appointment.

Meet Mary Jo Smiley. She is a massage therapist specializing in myofascial triggerpoint therapy. She has a nice, informative website (, and her office is in Warrendale, right off Rt 19 and the turnpike. 

I walked in with a sore knee, two very sore hips, and persistent lower back pain. An hour later, I emerged with a knee that was still sore, albeit in a different location, but the rest of my pain was gone. Furthermore, Mary Jo told me how I can “release triggers” at home, using tennis balls and such, and she gave me some pointers on stretching more effectively. Her rates are reasonable, and her treatment is a solid investment into being able to write while walking and do a slew of my other activities Advil-free, pain-free, and in a way that won’t hurt me down the line. 

Check her out. She’s pretty awesome. I don’t say that about just anyone. Image



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One Response to Pain free! Meet my trigger point massage therapist.

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Wow, thank you! I never had anyone blog about me before! I love trigger point therapy because it get such fast results! I am one of less than 100 Nationally Certified TPT in the world.

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