I’ll be on Goodreads Sunday 12 to 3 EST – “Meet the Author” chat

Ask question, win books, get discounts tomorrow from 12-3 pm EST on http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/45452-dreamspinner-press during a Meet the Author chat! I’ll be talking about “Zipper Fall,” “Wild Horses,” upcoming WIP’s, and there will be super-secret sneak excerpts from the Wild Horses sequel. 

I am skipping a horseback riding lesson to snag this coveted spot on the schedule, and I hope you can drop by! This only shows one has to suffer for art. I do it gladly, though. Better than like being my daughter, who is sitting in a hair dresser’s chair as I write this from the neighboring Starbucks. She is having her hair redyed (!). She would have done it herself, but can’t, because she broke her thumb. In a sword fight (!!) Apparently, being an art student is full of excitement these days. Lucky it wasn’t her dominant hand – that would have jeopardized her scholarship (!!!) 

Have I ever done anything as dumb as that when I was in college? Well… hmm… let me count the ways! I guess my strongest reaction to her accident was along the lines, “You moron, why did you fight without proper armor on? Don’t you know there is an old suit of armor  in the basement?” Sigh. I am grateful for my spirited and adventurous spawn, who fills my life with inspiration. It makes crazy action scenes all that much easier to write!

See you tomorrow!






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