Welcome. I love this book. It’s a romance, but it’s also an adventure. The world of elite cycling lies revealed before our eyes: the workouts, the diets, the gear, the competition, the financials. Especially the financials. And the landscapes! From the Rockies to the Alps, the road rolls under the thin roadbike tire as you follow our intrepid heros, and you better be able to change it if you get a flat, because the cycling road is not always nice, or safe, or pleasant. Chafed thights. Electrolyte imbalance. Dangerous weather. Oblivious drivers.

The irony of it all: my super, souped-up, lighter-than-my-butt triathlon bike arrived 2 weeks after I finished this fine and inspirational work, AND the snow fell! Yep, I’ll be riding my baby on a trainer while thinking of the biking boys and their amazing adventures. Buy it. Just do it. Do it, because the author took her bike WAAAY outside her own comfort zone to ride some of the tough parts of Colorado, just to bring it closer to you, the reader. Pd Singer rocks.


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