How life can change: 2013 recap



The word above, MUGEN, means “infinity” in Japanese. It can also stand for potential without boundaries, and that’s how I would like to see the upcoming year. It will be my nickname of sorts. I’ll assimilate it and embrace it and work hard to help it work for me. We are all mugen of sorts, if we can only get out of our own way.



Planning is good, but even the best plan won’t survive clash with reality. Overplanning won’t help. Only extra work will give us that edge of preparedness. Let us grab bull by the horns. Let us send in that story on time. Let us set up a quick website. Here, then, is a recap of fortuitous events of the past year, and a few benchmarks that light the way into the future. 


– Older daughter is in college – which is stunning in itself. My writing contributed to her tuition. 

– My first novel, “Wild Horses,” came out and was pretty well received. 

– My second novel, “Zipper Fall,” came out and is struggling. Readers have genre expectations. I think a sociopathic antihero makes a good, redeemable romance character. The readers either think he’s hilarious, or run away screaming. Lesson learned.

– My third novel, “Breakfall,” was accepted by Dreamspinner Press. The first of a trilogy. Yey!

– I found that being 80% done with 4 books simultaneously brings on bouts of indecision, frustration, and mild anxiety. Can’t wait to get those monkeys off my shoulders.

– Plowing my advances and royalties into online seminars with Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rush has been a good investment. I am learning a lot about writing, publishing, and selling my work. 

– The books not accepted by Dreamspinner Press will be published by Mugen Press. I own Mugen Press. Stay tuned!

– Balancing paying day jobs with writing is a challenge, but it works.

– Getting off my butt and away from the computer has proven to be a challenge. I had to install productivity software (i.e. cybernanny) to stay away from social networking sites, which about quadrupled my productivity. 

– The gym is a happy place. It degrumpifies me, and the scenery is easy on the eye. 



– Lets see some new releases from Mugen Press! Few gay romance short stories, a thriller, and a memoir. Lots of work, but well worth the effort.

– My husband gave me airplane tickets to Oregon for the holidays. I’ll get to attend a writing seminar with Kris and Dean for a week. This coincides with Dreamspinner Press’s writer’s workshop out there, so I’ll get to visit the DSP crew for a day and meet my co-conspirators in person. Plus, I’ll get to meet my beta reader in person for the first time. I am SO THRILLED!!!

– Being out in Oregon in April also means I might find some morels. I can’t possibly fail to enter the woods during morel season out there. I even have a plan for drying my find and bringing it out East.

– David Garrett will be playing in Pittsburgh in March and we already have tickets. Can’t wait for his sweet violin!

– Write, write, write. Publishing 3-5 books is a good start, but I have to maintain the writing process as well. It’s a fun job, but it’s a job nonetheless.

– There still are at least 3 online seminars I want to take with Kris and Dean. Which means I better finish those books and submit them. 

– Fitness shall rule in 2014. That’s right, six workouts in seven days, every week, no excuses. Two half marathons, at least one sprint triathlon, and working out with my family to keep ’em healthy. Karate! Hiking! Mushroom hunting! And, I shall learn to control my brand new triathlon bike so I don’t keep falling off in the turns. 

And on this note, I am going to bid you all good night, and a happy New Year. May you be healthy and happy and prosperous! 





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