If you consider the name of this blog and when I generally post, you’ll find that my sense of time is rather… fluid. THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE can be late Wednesday night, or Friday morning, or anytime during the day in-between.
Time-management is the hardest aspect of being a writer.
Deadlines are essential, and I work a lot better with those imposed by my editors. Self-imposed deadlines are so much harder to keep.

My usual work schedule includes writing, publishing, and running two small business on a very part-time basis. There is plenty of time to do that, as long as I avoid the evil distractions of the Internet. Never before has my addictive personality come under as much stress as when I need to write, but my little squirrel-brain gets distracted by yet another, legitimately informative article that somebody forwarded on Facebook.
I tried productivity software, but then I turned it off, because it didn’t let me blog.
I tried working from an old, clunky laptop, but the machine is running Ubuntu and Open Office, not Word. I like Word’s editing features. Besides, the keyboard delete button died.
It’s hard to write without a delete button.

Many writers, serious and seasoned professionals, recommend using a separate computer for writing. I’m not the first one to fall prey to various electronic distractions. Next time I feel reasonably flush with cash, I think I’ll go to BestBuy and purchase one of those little notebooks on clearance. I’ll load Word, activate it, erase everything else, and then disable the Wi-Fi.
I’ll be able to write from my favorite coffee shops, the library, even from home – free Wi-Fi won’t distract me anymore.

This blog is late for a good reason, though. Now that “Breakfall” is out of my hands (and in yours), more writing awaits! I just finished processing the second round of edits for “Broken Gait,” a sequel to “Wild Horses.” I plowed right through the whole thing while sitting on my front porch. The sound of my little fishpond water fountain soothed the sweltering humidity of yesterday, the candle kept most bugs away from my wine glass, and the dog was happy to rest by my feet. Today, the fish were ravenous as heat gave way to stormy wind singing in the trees. Surrounded by flowers and still in the morning shade, I was able to ignore the domestic chores that await me inside the house.
I’ll get to them… when I find the time.

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