THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Blown away by a great book!

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After two weeks of sporadic internet and electrical service, one of my first e-joys was reading “Return on Investment” by Aleksandr Voinov. And really, what could be better than snuggling with my fully charged laptop in an office that’s finally fully functional, and rewarding myself with a quiet hour of reading everyday for a week?

Just an hour, I thought. I worked hard, I deserve it.

Riiiight. If you go and buy this new financial thriller with a shot of intrigue and a twist of sliced heart on the rocks – and I hope you do – make sure to clear your day. Don’t plan on making dinner – order pizza instead. Let your loved ones know you won’t be available for the next twelve hours or so. This riveting page-turner will suck you in and force you on a thrilling emotional roller-coaster you won’t soon forget!

You figure everyone will DIE.

You’re sure of it. This is, after all, Voinov. He doesn’t take prisoners.

And the first chapter? Well… I’d feared the worst, and you will too, and I won’t spoil it for you.


If you ever worked in a high-paced office, you’ll recognize the reek of stress sweat that wafts from these pages. You’ll know the pleasure of a well-cut suit, an ironed shirt, a report finished to figure out a critical piece of data. You will, once again, experience that gripping anxiety of a tense boardroom meeting where you’re not really expected to say much, and you don’t want to, because office politics at that level are a hazardous sport.

You’ll meet nice people.

You’ll meet people that only seem nice.

A battle between good and evil, a fight to the mattresses between the insanity of encompassing greed and the search for meaning in life. A time when ordinary men are called upon to perform extraordinary deeds – and when, for the first time in their lives – rise above their own needs to save the world for countless others.

You’ll relive the heady bubble of booming economies from before the Great Recession – and you’ll see what the U.S. housing market implosion looked like from the other side of the pond.

And you’ll whisper, No, no, don’t do it, you fools! You’ll dread the inevitable devastation.

And that’s what’s so great about this book.

Go buy a copy now.

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