Wow. ADRENALINE!!! (or, how I get in my own way.)

KSP sword 2 b&w

I should be finishing “Landfall” right now instead of dithering and stressing. It’s so painful, the rush that comes when the characters FINALLY start talking to you! And then it’s 18 minutes after midnight and, as you’re brushing your teeth, you figure out that *yes, THAT is the emotional arc of this book and THIS is how it supports all the action and adventure* and you feel so screwed. It means going over the whole thing again and systematically ratcheting up yet another layer of tension before you let it explode at just the right time. Meanwhile, my clone should be doing “Swordfall” line edits. 

But I’m too scared to stop. If I stop writing, I’ll lose the idea, the flow, the chatter in my mind and the tugging on my heartstrings. Doing line edits, even for a book that precedes “Landfall” in this trilogy, will take me to a different emotional reality. The characters are the same, true, but they are still 2 years ago, and… and… 

Afraid, excited, I tarry and lose sleep and sleep in and check Facebook five too many times. I read inspirational blogs by writers I respect. They all say the same thing: “Write for yourself. You write one word at a time.”

 This little update is just to get my jitters out and settle down just enough to slip into the minds and hearts of those two guys and see how they cope with life, with death, with everything. 

Wish me perseverance. I’ll need it.


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