THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – “Swordfall” cover sneak preview

Swordfall cover Asbjorn

This is Asbjorn. Sword in hand, he’s out to execute a minor correction to a flawed justice system. He’s in Boston, obviously – that’s the Public Garden in the background – and there is snow in the air, as appropriate for January.

You have no idea to what lengths the Dreamspinner Press art department accommodated my wishes on this cover. None. I was a pain in the tuchus, but I think the result is well worth it. I can only hope you, and my long-suffering cover designer Maria Fanning, thinks so too! (Didn’t she do a great job?)

When I requested a man with a Japanese sword on the cover, I didn’t realize stock photos portray guys with katana only under three conditions:

  1. Stripped to the waist, with skin shining with oil
  2. In a full ninja outfit, including a mask
  3. In a full business suit and with a smug expression that bodes only ill for your company

I don’t want skin on my books. Sure, there is some erotic content to most of my books, but I want you, the reader, to feel comfortable handling my book on the subway without drawing undue attention. Ditto for faces: I feel strongly about avoiding model’s faces, because I trust your imagination to paint in the features you feel are the best.

In the end, I provided a model and a japanese sword. Pictures were acquired, and the rest is digital art magic. Nifty, isn’t it?

“Swordfall” is book 2 of the Fall Trilogy. “Breakfall” can be obtained here:

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