THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – replicating European lifestyle


Travel has meant weight gain for me. Airport or car junk food, special treats, visits punctuated by open-face sandwiches and wine and cake. Not this time, though. A week in Prague and London left me five (5!!!) pounds lighter than when I left. The reason?

I didn’t have a car.

Walking to the metro was a quick mile or so. Switching lines required more walking, plus stairs (nobody just stands on the escalators in Prague.). Getting to my appointments, then getting back. Shopping. Sight-seeing. Getting lost, and getting found again. Airports. That adds up to an average of 2-3 hours a day of walking.

But how do I do it in the suburbs? I have to drive everywhere!

It’s hard, people. Very hard. I walked the dog the long way on my first two days back, thinking, “Wow, this is just like going to the Metro station.” On day three, I faltered. I didn’t really feel like pretending and there was email to sort and a story to write. I walked a little, I did some barn chores while my daughter was riding. I used to consider that “an active day,” but it pales in comparison with having to be somewhere and rushing up the street and three blocks over four times a day.

Then there’s the food issue. Prague isn’t too expensive, but London was pricey. My buying power was severely curtailed by the fact that my bank froze my card while I was abroad. It took days for my husband to sort it out stateside, and during that time, I skipped buying all kinds of unnecessary, yummy junk that used to be the rule rather than the exception.

European portion sizes are smaller, too. Even coffee! Imagine my shock when I ordered a double cappuccino, and received a drink half the size of a tall coffee at Starbucks. This applies to everything over there. That’s to say, people eat reasonably.

At this time, half a bagel is enough for breakfast. An apple and a slice of cheese is enough for lunch. I’m not really craving sweets – yet.

But Halloween is coming, and with it, candy in the house. Then Thanksgiving with its annual food extravaganza, and then the worst weight-gain event of the year: baking Christmas cookies! I don’t know how I’m going to handle all that and continue my plan of losing a total of 40 pounds by next fall equinox. I really don’t.

Come on, people. Share your tricks with me! How do you cope?

For now, however, I’ll just grab the leash every so often and pretend the dog and I are rushing around the neighborhood in an effort to catch the next train on the London Underground.

(Photo copyright of Visit London Images)


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