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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – True demise of the Gingerbread Man

You all know the story: the arrogant Gingerbread Man was, supposedly, devoured by the clever fox. But that’s not at all how it happened. Sit tight and contemplate the possibilities. Once upon a time, an old woman made a gingerbread … Continue reading

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It’s still AM on the West Coast, so I’m not late with my blog, right? Right. Life is getting busy and interesting, people. Actually, life is ALWAYS busy and interesting, but now I’m keeping a “time use log.” It’s part … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING BLOG – Reviews and writing

I did my “what’s new” scan of my books and found a lovely review from “Romancing the Book” review site for (“Zipper Fall,” in case my linkage didn’t come through). This pleasant find made me realize how my approach to book … Continue reading

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Wild Horses + Breakfall = Moral Victory!

You know that writing Kai of Wild Horses is living vicariously, because he’s a natural rider and I’m not. You also know that I’ve been doing various martial arts longer than some of you have been alive. Today, I got to … Continue reading

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