It’s still AM on the West Coast, so I’m not late with my blog, right? Right. Life is getting busy and interesting, people. Actually, life is ALWAYS busy and interesting, but now I’m keeping a “time use log.” It’s part of my Productivity seminar with Dean Wesley Smith, and I can’t tell you how much more work I’m getting done!

We’re supposed to keep this log just to see how we spend our time every day. I get that, but once  you observe a system, you change the system. I’m the system now, and because I have to write everything I do down, I make sure my time is spent more… productively. It sort of follows the Schroedinger’s Cat Principle.

WHAT I’M DOING LESS: As a result of this “exploratory” activity, I’m on Facebook a lot less. I eat less. I blow off time less, and I get sucked into fewer meaningless-yet-interesting articles. I no longer feel compelled to write long response e-mails, either.

WHAT I’M DOING MORE: Writing, editing, publishing, cleaning the house, running errands. Exercising.

I do more of those activities I want to see on my log, and I do less of those activities I’d be embarrassed to admit to in public. Writing this blog isn’t work, yet it’s not an embarrassing activity, so I’ll just wrap it up with very little guilt and twelve minutes of allotted time to spare. Now what to do with 12 minutes? Eat lunch, maybe. After which I’ll go back to my writing lair to make sure my next book is in your hands on schedule! Happy Thursday, wherever you are and whatever you might be doing!

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