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Anthology Update – over $1,300 raised, and a book review!

I promised to keep you posted on our project here. We’ve raised $1,331 for Eric Arvin in Kickass Anthology sales! Both the e-book and the trade paperback are on 25% off sale until the end of the year. We have … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – The Sledding Hill (free story!)

Happy holidays to all! This is to all the kids, young and old, who grew up sledding in the wild country. THE SLEDDING HILL Wind howled in the trees. She turned her back into it, keeping the stinging needles of … Continue reading

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Kickass Anthology 25% off till the end of the year! If you’ve been holding out, the Kickass Anthology is on sale now, both printed version and e-book on Amazon! Also, I’ll be uploading the e-book on ARe and Kobo in the next two or three days, so stay tuned. … Continue reading

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From the road – Anthology, Swordfall, and edits, oh my!

I’m currently traveling and my productivity is limited by my connectivity and battery life. This being said, I’m happy to announce that we’ve raised $1,127.36 from the well-reviewed Kickass Anthology sales as of this writing! If you want to raise more, check out … Continue reading

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Kickass Anthology Update – $726 raised!

Just to keep people in the loop, the Kickass Anthology now raised $726 dollars. I’ll include a “when and where” chart. So now we know for sure we can get over a thousand in a month – the question is, … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Snowflake Cookies, recipe included.

I’m flooded with requests for both recipes and technique in response to my snowflake cookie photo. People, if you can dedicate 3-4 evenings to cooking and decorating, have a blast! We do one batch every year. That’s all you need … Continue reading

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Kickass Anthology Update – we raised over $600!

My quick back-of-the-envelope calculations add up all sales of Kindle and printed copies and account for foreign currency exchange rates. We have raised $604 dollars for Eric so far! That’s excellent. Keep spreading the word, people. Good cause, good people. … Continue reading

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From geekyjessica on Tumblr: when a girl says no

I don’t usually repost things, but this is mandatory reading. Author: When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third … Continue reading

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Kickass Anthology Report 12-13-14 Check out my guest blog that kicks off a blog tour organized by Brandilyn Carpenter! Find out how the “Kickass Anthology” came to be. Learn how naive I was, thinking this would be easy. Worthwhile things are seldom easy, … Continue reading

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TUESDAY MORNING COFFEE – Kickass Anthology fundraiser for Eric Arvin

Voila! Helping a fellow writer in need, twenty of us got together to create an illustrated collection of short stories and novellas. Each story features a seemingly smaller and weaker guy who uses wit, grit, and guile to overcome a superior … Continue reading

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