I’m so glad I pitched the tent last night, because there’s jack frost on the ground today and the ground is getting hard with frost. It’s not pretty out, just cold. And I need a tent – two tents, actually. Two tents for all our crap while the kitchen gets redone.

We all read about how much stuff we have and how so much of it is surplus, but nothing hits home as hard as having to move. After that, try remodeling. As I pack things into boxes to stow them in the tent, I wonder: “Do we really need several cut crystal bowls? Extra pots? And… what’s this for – and if I don’t know, should I be even keeping it?”

The trick is to visualize where all these items will go in the new and improved kitchen. The machines will go over there, the dishes over here… and then I run into an item we use once in a blue moon, or possibly never. That item should go in the give-away box. The scary part is that I did a big kitchen clear-out few years ago. Can you imagine how bad it would be now, had I not one that earlier?

But wait. That’s not all! The hardwood floors will get replaced at the same time. That means moving the furniture to an elusive “elsewhere.” Which makes me wonder whether we even need some of it. Good thing AmVets do donation pick-ups, otherwise I’d be violating a local clean air ordinance and burning a bonfire in the backyard.

Actually, the bonfire is an idea close to my heart. I was making a to-do list and suddenly I realized one of the action items said: “Hire an arsonist.” It just snuck in there. I don’t even know how. It must have sounded like a good idea at the time… I’ve heard having extra stuff makes people act in peculiar ways, and I bet this is one of them.

Wish me luck, folks. I just hope we don’t have to wade through a foot of snow to reclaim our dear and treasured foodie implements when the project is all finished!

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