Kickass Anthology Report 12-13-14

Check out my guest blog that kicks off a blog tour organized by Brandilyn Carpenter! Find out how the “Kickass Anthology” came to be. Learn how naive I was, thinking this would be easy. Worthwhile things are seldom easy, though, and this was definitely a worthy cause. The sales report below shows over $350 raised from five countries! That’s YOU, the reader, earning money for Eric’s recovery, one humble sale at a time.

Let me give you one gory detail of what I’ve learned about InDesign. There’s a big difference between “linking text boxes” and “threading text boxes.” Five hours of watching instructional videos on helped me figure out at least some of this. However, when Page 163 got accidentally threaded to Page 2 and I didn’t know how to undo it without messing up everything else, I’d felt like I ought to push the pub date out. February sounded doable at the time, or maybe next summer. Text flowed out of Page 2 like steaming guts out of an eviscerated Viking. It was an ugly, ugly sight and I had to abandon the corpse and resuscitate a less-complete but unspoiled file version I’d saved the day before. (And that why we “save as” at every big step.)

We’re doing pretty well, though. The sales numbers show royalties slightly over $350 and support from the US, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, and Canada. The details are below. Please spread the word on your media and help us maintain this highly respectable momentum!       286.95 USD        30.73 GBP              11.14 EUR               0.00 EUR                5.57 EUR                0.00 EUR               0.00 EUR          0.00 JPY              0.00 INR               6.85 CAD      0.00 BRL    0.00 MXN     0.00 AUD

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