From the road – Anthology, Swordfall, and edits, oh my!

I’m currently traveling and my productivity is limited by my connectivity and battery life. This being said, I’m happy to announce that we’ve raised $1,127.36 from the well-reviewed Kickass Anthology sales as of this writing! If you want to raise more, check out the Grand Adventures  Anthology (now on 25% off sale!) put out by Dreamspinner Press to benefit Eric, and also check out the Eric Arvin donation site. All links are below.

As for my own books, Swordfall, the sequel to the controversial Breakfall, is available  at AllRomanceEbooks (Published by Dreamspinner Press and available for preorder on their site). Those of you who loathe cliff-hanger endings can now be satisfied. As of this moment, I’m polishing Landfall, the last book of the Fall Trilogy, for your enjoyment. Landfall is different from the others in that the boys are finally forced to work together, and are in an environment where there isn’t much else to do but talk. Being marooned on a tropical island will do that to ya.

When it comes to writing “new words,” I’m almost done writing my first draft of Lummox. For those of you who enjoy my boys’n’horses from the Steel City Stories, you might have wondered how Attila’s situation in Broken Gait affected his nephew Brent. Stay tuned for Brent finding out more about himself, his family history, and his first love in this sweet coming-of-age tale.

Happy Hannukah! Sweet Solstice! Special Saturnalia! Merry Christmas! (In chronological order, mind you. We celebrate everything…)

Grand Adventures:


Kickass Anthology:

Eric Arvin direct donation fund:




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