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“On the Run – Cancelled Czech Files” – official release today!

My father brought our suitcases inside while I craned my neck, examining the place where I would spend my first night in a foreign country. The room was a remodeled attic, large enough to sleep six people, and fragrant with wood paneling that covered the sloped ceiling. I looked around. It looked so new and fresh — all smooth wood and warmth and bright, clean fabrics.
My mother set out our dinner on a small, round table, unpacking our provender with deliberate care. We sat down to eat, passing the mustard and salt around. I chewed the solid, Czech rye bread with caraway seeds. It felt oddly comforting, being so far away, and yet eating the bread of your homeland.
I swallowed, and broke the silence. “Are we defecting?”
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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Tulips make everything better

Sometimes it’s the little things you miss. Then they’re gone and you think, “Just two more weeks of construction and I’ll have my house back,” except two weeks turn into four. Again. I miss my house and my s favorite … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – free read! “The Ghost Walk”

Today,  I’m sharing a short story with you. It will be free on this website for one week, after which you can buy it on Amazon and other venues – there’s a link below. Enjoy! THE GHOST WALK – Kate Pavelle, … Continue reading

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  Sometimes, life just hits you hard. We’ve been traveling for 2 weeks, staying with family over the holidays, just so work could be done in our house and I could return into comfort in time for my book release … Continue reading

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