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I’m few hours from finishing a book. What to write next? I know I have some novels waiting for me, and that’s okay because I’m eager to get going on them. However, I’d like to write a short story as … Continue reading

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    Few days after Christmas, my mother-in-law Barbara dragged me into the retirement community’s club house. “What do you need? Water? Pens? Anything?” She got this “meet the author” thing going for the “On the Run: Cancelled Czech Files.” … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – Pd Singer and “A New Man”

It is my pleasure to welcome Pd Singer, who is my surprise Valentine Blogger. She has a new book out, a book I had the privilege to read few months ago. I can’t recommend it highly enough – let’s see … Continue reading

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KICKASS ANTHOLOGY – Guess how much we raised in December 2014?

Click here to find out more about the all-volunteer Kickass Anthology fundraiser effort for Eric Arvin’s medical recovery! If you’re new to my blog, click on the buy link below and look at the free read sample on Amazon. We … Continue reading

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You probably think I live in Japan, judging from how late I post my “morning” blog this week. But I have an excuse, I do. Really! Note the photo. It’s a lovely, circular puzzle the family started last night. Complex … Continue reading

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USA Today review – “Swordfall” and “On the Run”

   I woke up to this of my latest two books. Swordfall is book 2 of the Fall Trilogy, and “On the Run” is the first book of the Cancelled Czech Files series. Both books come with recommendations – what a … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – When it’s for real

Karate practice with weapons. Same old, same old… until a man deflects my attack at half-speed. His Okinawan sickles, or kama, are a natural appendage. Block. Hit my chin. Cut my arm – break my rib. Grab my neck with a wicked sharp blade, grab my hip and THROW. His half-speed rushes down a mountain, curved road and no railing in the turns. Suddenly even a wooden weapon feels “for real.” Continue reading

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