You probably think I live in Japan, judging from how late I post my “morning” blog this week. But I have an excuse, I do. Really! Note the photo. It’s a lovely, circular puzzle the family started last night. Complex and colorful and full of surprises. The box it came in was so small, I could hardly make out what was inside from the picture. The rhythm of this particular puzzle has a lot to do with writing.

I’ve been living and breathing pacing for the last six weeks. Taking notes from online video lectures, adding punctuation and capital letters to mushed-up paragraphs of famous writers, analyzing how they did it differently and what made it work, seeing how they broke grammar rules to lead the reader’s mind. Getting live feedback from the instructior and having my own work looked at was a special bonus. This puzzle is a graphic representation of good pacing.

I didn’t know what it would look like at the end, just as I don’t know what will happen when I open a book. Yet I was aware of circular patterns and four medallions of “stuff” – which is akin to being aware of the book’s genre. I wasn’t pulled in by the pretty pictures (plot) or vibrant colors (writer’s voice), although they helped. I got enticed and held by a rhythm of charming revelations as I kept putting the pieces together, finishing the circular patterns and layers and seeing how the next patterns would shape up.  Just when I was swearing to myself that “this section is the last one and all I need are three more pieces,” I glimpsed another enticing clue to complete the pattern. To sum, I was captivated by the puzzle’s hypnotic, meditative rhythm of its pacing. pacing.

That’s my excuse. The good news: while hunting down the right piece with the right color, I got to sort out a whole book’s worth of plot points!

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