I’m few hours from finishing a book. What to write next? I know I have some novels waiting for me, and that’s okay because I’m eager to get going on them. However, I’d like to write a short story as a palate cleanser. And I don’t know which one. The ideas are so many! Normally I don’t take suggestions on what books to write because a novel is too long a commitment. However, a short story I can do.

HELP ME MAKE UP MY MIND! The options are listed below. Just leave a comment, suggestion, or your heart’s deepest desire and I’ll see what strikes a creative sparks. The story will be available for your enjoyment 2 weeks from now!


  • Personal stories from behind the Iron Curtain from when I was a kid
  • CRONE fiction (elderly female martial artist, her students, and their adventures)
  • What happens in the woods (survival, primitive technologies, adventures)
  • Pick a weapon, any weapon.
  • The cute stuff that will put a smile on your face
  • The creepy which brings a chill unrelated to weather
  • Something else (as in, suggest something. Please.)
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