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54th wedding anniversary (or 27th elopement)

   It was a balmy March 31st when my husband and I eloped twenty-seven years ago. I was in college, he was already out. The school administration wasn’t allowed to know. Our best friends attended a private ceremony, where an … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Fall into your cut. Control gravity.

Frank raised his sword and cut at my forehead. I got out of the way, unscathed, feet whispering against the carpet. I cut his wrist. We did it again. I got this, I thought, catching my reflection in the mirror. … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – R.I.P., my sweet fishcicles!

After a lifetime of yearning for a fish pond, I’ve built a raised cistern few years back. It’s right by the front porch, where I can hear the water run when I write outside in the summer. And it has … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Small, precise effort

SMALL, PRECISE EFFORT The world has conspired to force-feed me arcane knowledge. I mean, how else can I explain when teachers of 4 disparate disciplines tell me to do the same thing? Karate and kenjutsu have their similarities – but … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Free read – “Seasonal Transportation”

A new story for my “In the Shadow of the Red Star – Cancelled Czech Files” collection. We never had snow days when I was a kid in Prague. There were no school buses. This is what some of us … Continue reading

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Trilogy complete! LANDFALL out April 3rd!

  Having a book out hasn’t gotten old yet! It’s my pleasure to announce that Landfall, book 3 of the Fall Trilogy, is available for pre-order at the Dreamspinner Press link below, and will be available on April 3rd. If … Continue reading

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