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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Farting and Spiritual Alignment

Some things are just not in done in public, except then it just happens and you scramble to regain your sense of center. Especially when it happens while you’re sparring with a formidable opponent during his brown belt test, and … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Ass in the writing chair.

Not every one of my blogs is an upbeat slice of life, or a revelation, or news of another book. There are times, like today, when I don’t know what to write about ’cause my mind is spinning with things … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – “Kitchen Interrogations” – Free story

You can find Cancelled Czech Files 1: “On the Run”, here: The kitchen chair dug into my knees as I leaned the chin in my hands, elbows on the table. I was within snatching distance of a bowl of … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – my article for the Black Belt Magazine

This week I have a blast from the past for you. When I stayed in Prague for business in 1998, I’d been able to find a karate school right down the street. My account of my experience with martial arts … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – New day, new month, new start

Let’s just say March didn’t go as planned. I could flagellate myself over reading instead of writing, or shopping instead of exercising. I could call myself bad names and recite a whole litany of what-ifs and if-onlys. But I won’t. … Continue reading

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