THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – New day, new month, new start


Let’s just say March didn’t go as planned. I could flagellate myself over reading instead of writing, or shopping instead of exercising. I could call myself bad names and recite a whole litany of what-ifs and if-onlys. But I won’t.

Finishing this book is hard – harder than most. I look at it and find it wanting. Maybe its because it came from my “production list,” as opposed to being something I was driven to write despite all other projects that await my attention. Or it doesn’t have enough angst, or I’m trying to mold it into a genre expectation without realizing it – I don’t know. I was 90% done one week ago, and 15 thousand words later, I’m still 90% done.

WON’T THIS BOOK EVER END??? (I sure hope the reader doesn’t feel that way few months from now.)

All I can do is pick it up today. There’s packing for a trip, construction in the house, a few errands. Picking my daughter up from school early. A book release tomorrow (yes, that’s right, Landfall is coming out and I’m a wreck, hoping it won’t disappoint.) All that – and I can still push out fifteen hundred words – if I work at it. More than half a chapter that would bring this story closer to completion. And  I do this because instead of calling myself mean names or saying “Oh, there goes the week, might as well blow off the whole thing and enjoy the holidays,” I’m going to use the little minutes in my day and take care of the logistics of life efficiently so I can write.

It’s a new day, new month. A new start, and I will keep starting over and over until this book rests securely in the hands of you, the reader.

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