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STRICKEN AND BEREAVED On May 15th, 2015, students and teachers of kenjutsu, the art of Japanese sword, converged for a special opening of a new dojo of Savvos Savopoulos’s Sensei’s sword school. When they set out on their joyful pilgrimage, … Continue reading

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We sit by our glowing screens, butt in the chair, trying not to hunch, striving to keep that core engaged. We drink our coffee and water and tea, forcing a walk break to the bathroom on a regular basis. And … Continue reading

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KICKASS ANTHOLOGY UPDATE – Mother’s Day Sale, 25% off!

For the new readers on my list, the “Kickass Anthology” is a fundraiser book for author Eric Arvin, who found himself paralyzed as a result of a brain surgery. A bunch of conspired to write “Kickass Anthology” and all proceeds … Continue reading

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Going to the dogs

My friend’s initiative might bear fruit of stunning importance to diabetic kids.

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Freelance discipline: Don’t let your hobby horses carry you away!

Freelancing offers unstructured time to pursue enviable hobbies – but make sure to balance those by trading for scheduled fun to get your work done. Be a harder boss. Continue reading

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