Going to the dogs

My friend’s initiative might bear fruit of stunning importance to diabetic kids.


On impulse today, I dropped an email to the owner of a local kennel that breeds and trains Labradors. My question was one that I’d been wondering about ever since Eric’s CGM went sour the summer before he started kindergarten — approximately 6 months after I went unwillingly freelance and found myself on a much stricter budget (read: unable to afford to replace the CGM). And that was: Does this kennel train service dogs? Or more specifically, do they train diabetes service dogs?

The owner’s answer was a qualified no, meaning, they don’t do that kind of training, but not because they’re not capable of it — more because they don’t know where they’d find the “scent” source needed to offer the dogs an understanding of what they should or shouldn’t alert on.

Well, I told her, if this is something you want to do, I think I can probably…

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