KICKASS ANTHOLOGY UPDATE – Mother’s Day Sale, 25% off!

Kickass cover 3

For the new readers on my list, the “Kickass Anthology” is a fundraiser book for author Eric Arvin, who found himself paralyzed as a result of a brain surgery. A bunch of conspired to write “Kickass Anthology” and all proceeds to go toward Eric’s recovery, assistive technologies, and so on. There’s a buy link. If you don’t have this illustrated fun summer read full of hot guys who overcome overwhelming odds, go buy it now! Also, look up Eric and his books. Sales support writers, and Eric is writing again. (Yes! He said so in his video update!)

So, MONEY. Today I wrote a check for $1,753.55, an amount that represents all December e-books and all January and February e-books and trade paperbacks. Together with the previous paperback December amount, and the current purchases which are not yet processed, we’ll crest the two thousand dollar mark, people! Writers, editors, illustrators, and reviewers helped this project get off the ground with nothing but electrons and shoestrings, and a bit of logistical support from my imprint, Mugen Press. But, y’know, I really wanted to make this a $3K project or more, not just a $2K one… and to this effect, we’re having a sale.

25% OFF until Thursday, May 14th! (The new prices should pop up by tonight). So click on that button. Also, check out Eric Arvin’s books. He’s on Amazon and elsewhere.

Buy Kickass Anthology

Check out Eric Arvin’s books

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3 Responses to KICKASS ANTHOLOGY UPDATE – Mother’s Day Sale, 25% off!

  1. A.L. Boyd says:

    Great news! I shared on my facebook and goodreads pages. Maybe we can make the $3,000 goal!

  2. isa says:

    I just found out about this book. Will it be available on ARE?

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