Several month after Caramel’s sudden passing, we have a puppy coming! Finding a lab-mix female took what felt like forever. There seems to be a shortage of suitable puppies in the Pittsburgh area for those who prefer to avoid puppy mills or high-end breeders. Our solution? Look out of state. Little Freya will arrive on a trailer delivering adopted dogs on its route from Mississippi to Maine.

Talking with Anne Miller, the founder of her own 501(c)3 rescue organization, “Project Paws” is focused on saving, neutering and vaccinating dogs and placing them for adoption. Her dedication to dogs consumes her life. It is her vocation, the dogs are her children. When a dog is adopted, she wants to know how the pup is doing. She’s on call for training questions, she encourages adoptive families to keep in touch, and she chips her dog so if one of her adoptees ever ends up at loose ends, she can re-rescue the dog and set the situation to rights.

Anne doesn’t give her dogs to just anyone: there’s an adoption fee and a reference check with the vet’s office. She checked us out as thoroughly as we made sure her operation was legit. But why drive dogs North? It appears that in Southern states, owners are less likely to spay and neuter their animals, and they tend to let them run loose. This results in unplanned puppy litters, and those dogs need homes.

For example, little Freya was born in a small town of Xenophobia, MS. She and her litter mates got adopted long-distance and will be driven along a string of well-planned drop-off points.

We are a little nervous about getting a dog sight unseen, but puppies have plastic personalities. They become the dog you raise them to be. A hybrid of a Labroador and something else, this brown little girl promises to have the coveted “hybrid vigor” of designer cross-breeds popular today. As we puppy-proof our house and shop for chew toys, we look forward to a new furry friend who’ll run in the woods with us and coax us for walks and long games of fetch.

Stay tuned for pictures two weeks from now!

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