THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Light at the End of the Tunnel


I had to do an inventory of upcoming books to plan out my work, and came to the realization that if I work hard enough, I’ll have at least 8 novel releases this year. Even better, vast majority of these are already written and most of the work consists of editing, proofing, formatting, publishing, and book covers.

You might be curious what’s coming up next! Here’s a list:


Swordfall (January 2015)

Landfall (June 2015)

Sire (Fall 2015)

I love working with Dreamspinner Press because they are really nice people who provide great publishing services, cover art, editorial feedback, and whose marketing reaches a lot further than my own. However, I can do only so many books with DSP a year. Also, not all I write is M/M romance. Therefore, check out the titles upcoming with my own imprint:


Treading water (August 2015), book 1 of SwimBikeRun series (M/M)

Critical Timing (November 2015), Book 1 of a as-of-yet unnamed series (spy suspense)

Waterkin (October 2015, WIP), Book 1 of as-of-yet unnamed series (YA/NA urban fantasy)

Fluxx (Fall or Winter 2015, WIP), M/M stand-alone

Strawberries in the Snow (September 2015), M/M novella

Lucky Starflowers (December 2015), M/M, a Steel City Stories book

Wow! That makes nine, not eight. Not bad! Only two of these need to get finished where the writing itself is concerned, so I’m actually quite optimistic about getting all of these out. I have, naturally, THOUGHTS for new and shiny stories and books to write, which makes me eager to get all of these through the publishing process so they’re out of my hair and available for my readers. That would be you. And I’m so grateful for you actually sticking around.

So that’s this week’s blog. Now that I’ve refreshed my mind by random strategizing and chatting with the rest of you, let me get back to processing my fabulous editor’s comments!

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