Sometimes, it’s just too easy to bury my head in my own worlds. Characters only I know come to visit me, and then I write their stories in blood and coffee upon the pages where my readers meet them for the first time. Hopefully, they are entertained. I’m not, though. Have you seen the weeds in my yard? The state of laundry? The piles of mail I need to sort?

It’s time to reenter reality and get my life back, if only for a little while. Time to do a little bit every day until I feel less like a spacecraft in orbit, spinning out of control, and more like an independent adult. Because, seriously. Too much entropy can distract even me from my worlds and then I can’t hear my characters’ chatter. If I don’t now what they’re doing, then it’s a lot harder writing about them.

This week’s blog is short. I’m off to walk my puppy and my daughter to day camp, thus killing three birds with one stone (transportation, dog exercise, and human exercise). Then I’ll take a run at finishing my spy suspense book, write a blurb and front matter to the romance I’ve already finished, and do three (THREE!!!) household tasks. Then we’ll see.

Not all of life, after all, needs to be ordered.

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2 Responses to THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Getting my life back

  1. nlhartmann says:

    So many things to do. You make me feel as if I’m standing still! Have a great day.

  2. katepavelle says:

    So much has happened since last fall – large life events – and we haven’t really settled from all that. Sometimes it takes a while to reach a new normal, after which it takes a while to realize the new normal could be a lot better !

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