Ugh. I need to get moving, folks. And it’s not easy. Before last weekend, I was humming at a productive pace despite having been sick. Then relatives and friends started showing up from far away (Czech Republic, Florida, Virginia, Maryland – wow!) and my surprise birthday party was in full swing!

My husband is devious. He coordinated it all using email, and since we share the main account, he used “Football News” in the subject line, knowing I’d have no desire whatsoever to click on it. After a long weekend of fun, seeing loved ones, eating good food and drinking more than I probably ought to, settling into a decent work rhythm has been a struggle. I’ve had to go through similar “re-entry” after every trip to Europe, or even long-weekend domestic get-aways. Time to employ strategy! Let me share several tips with you. It will make your vacation re-entry easier.

1. Laundry and bedroom. Get your personal things in order. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and getting to a regular sleep schedule is easier knowing you are in an orderly environment.

2. Make a list. There is something satisfying about a list of things to do, written on paper and prioritized with the usual A, B, C rating. You get to cross off items as you complete them, and this will keep you rolling! It will also keep your utilities from being shut down for non-payment (Don’t judge. I’m a self-confessed space cadet.)

3. Exercise and eat right. This means different things to different people. Getting moving and eating for good fuel will give you the energy you need to beat jet lag, hangover, or having stayed till 4am reading a book. (Again, don’t judge. This could be you.) Basic self-maintenance goes a long way.

And, appreciate. This item doesn’t have a number attached to it because we should be doing it all the time. Allow yourself the time to breathe, smell the roses, eat a sprig of mint from your garden, pet your dog. Hug your loved ones. Count the things that are going well for you to keep your attitude positive, and you’ll be humming along! Speaking of which, it’s time to go pet my husband, kiss my dog, and make another pot of coffee.

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