THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – College packing: “But what about your orchid??”


I’m wiped. Kids do that to you, and they don’t have to be two. A 20-year old in the throes of nesting and packing frenzy can tucker mommy out quite nicely, thank you very much. As thrilled as I am for my daughter and her (single!) college apartment, and as much as I grok her need to turn it into a positive, nurturing environment, I shake my head at all the stuff we were able to pack into our modest cross-over today. Consider:

  1. Clothes. (Only this much? Where’s your jacket, boots, gloves? Oh okay. Yes, I know you know. Just checking.)
  2. Kitchen. (Pots and pans, dishes, cheerful placemats and dish towels, knives, spices, dry goods from her favorite Asian store.)
  3. Bedding. (The usual – which was used to pad the iMac.)
  4. Electronics and art stuff. (The study of animation demands a decent computer, iPad, Wacom tablet, a backup drive, a phone with a hotspot (“Because our Wi-Fi sucks, Mom!”), and a tangle of wires to go with it. Plus, of course, all those analog art supplies that probably cost as much as the electronic ones.)
  5. Toiletries and cleaning products. (Aside from everything necessary to clean and maintain the body and the apartment, a garbage can full of scented candles. Feng-Shui, you know.)
  6. A fold-out futon chair, lamps including a lava lamp, artwork, carpet, and anything that will bring color and cheer to the institutional white-and-grey decor (and a futon for me to sleep on when I visit, hehehe!)
  7. Comfort items, like a stuffed dragon and a fish tank with live fish and a plant. (No, really.)

The car was full of these bare-bone basics when my mind flashed to the summer orchid retreat under the maple tree in the backyard. “But wait! Your orchid!” It’s a lovely plant we got together at Trader Joe’s last year, an Oncidium hybrid of some sort, and it’s in spike. A PERFECT time to bring it along – except there was no space. “You can bring it up for me when you visit, Mom!” Unlikely – with our schedules, I’ll be the one enjoying the orange and brown blossoms. I’ll pick up a new one at Trader Joe’s on the way up, though. I wonder if she’ll notice the switch. Have a great school year, love!

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