You might have noticed that my “morning coffee blog” doesn’t come out in the morning. Usually I write it in the morning – despite my best intentions, life gets in the way. But there are reasons. REASONS, not excuses. Some are funny, some are just plain dumb.

Last night, for instance, I’ve been researching Mucha art to get properly inspired for the “Waterkin” book cover. It took a long time to realize I’ll have to paint the whole thing by myself, from scratch, and probably using oil paints. It’s been a while since I had a good whiff of turpentine, and I’m pretty excited for the project. Then I couldn’t sleep, because I finally got an idea for the cover that wasn’t an outright derivation of somebody else’s work. Then, first thing in the morning, even before the coffee was brewed, I sat down and sketched it all out. Which is why this is late, and why this week’s photo has nothing to do with this blog. Although I do love me a bit of good bubbly, and you won’t see me turning down a bottle of Moet Chandon! (That’s an old ad, folk. So pretty!)

However, here are my more common excuses for posting this blog late:

  1. If I post on Wednesday night, I’ll be writing right after karate class. How many of you want more martial arts epiphanies in my blog? Really? My little discoveries might be downright fascinating to me and other serious martial artists, but are darn boring to most of us when written down step by step. You’d leave.
  2. If I post on Wednesday night when I don’t go to class, you’d be left reading something inane, like “My fourteen-year old wanted me to turn her plain red dress from Hot Topic into a ball gown, and we could have bought a new formal dress for the cost of materials. Leave me alone, I have pins in my mouth. She’s wearing this tomorrow!”
  3. If I post on Wednesday night when I just blew off class because life got in the way, you don’t want me to share the negative stuff. That’s not what this blog is about. (And we all have negative stuff – we just don’t need to spread it.)
  4. If’ I write on Thursday morning, early, my typing is really slow. I can’t write fast, because that would dislodge my IV needle from my arm. That’s what it would take to write a coherent article before the regular coffee kicks in. Regular coffee is what I drink when I READ, not WRITE. I’m such an addict. Is there an app for that? Is there a group?
  5. We have a puppy now. If I write instead of walking her on Thursday morning, she’ll chew on the carpet by the front door. (She’s wonderful. She also ate my daughter’s homework. Go Freya! What a good girl! Now “My dog ate my homework” isn’t just a saying anymore.”

So here you have it. It’s more like an afternoon coffee, but it’s too late to rename the blog, and I haven’t given up hope. I might still improve my time management skills. For now, though, I’m still finishing the dress for my ambitious 14-year old, I’m working on that (amazingly exciting!!!) book cover for Waterkin, and I’m reviewing a galley for Sire. And, it’s time to put up another French Press of coffee, and I don’t care if it’s almost 1PM! I wish you all a great day, though. This is a good day, because being busy is good… isn’t it?

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