THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – New release! “Sire,” YA companion to “Broken Gait”


Listen up, horse lovers! If you loved Wild Horses and it’s sequel Broken Gait, you’ll be happy to know the companion book to Broken Gait, Sire, is now available for preorder! For my loyal fans – this book features teen characters, and is YA-suitable. For those of you who are new to Steel City Stories and to my “boyz’n’horses” plot arc, fear thee not. Every book can be read as a stand-alone. Happy Reading on October 23rd!

So much happened in Broken Gait. So much. Loss and grief, joy and love, Attila coping with life coming at him fast. Kai, as well as Attila’s family, stood by him through all that, supported him, helped him run the place. His nephew Brent was one of the key people whose presence helped Attila pull through. Except Brent doesn’t know it. He doesn’t realize his importance to his loved ones, and he has secrets of his own. Scary secrets. The kinds he’d rather not share – especially not if it might disappoint his family. And, oh. He also has a boyfriend.

Rob, formerly Robbie, is a former football player and a transfer to Brent’s school. He’s smart, sweet, and horribly clumsy. He’s also out. The following excerpt will tell you a bit about his journey.

A random excerpt from Sire, pg. 172, just because blood runs thicker than holy water:

Rob’s make-up work was all finished, and under ordinary circumstances, he’d have been looking forward to school again. Now, though, he grimaced at the thought of Brent and his superior, homophobic attitude. He shared two classes and two free periods with Brent. He could evade him during the free periods, and he could sit in the back of the class again and pretend Brent didn’t exist. Rob would act as though Brent wasn’t even there. Thin air or worse, just an anonymous, nameless jerk who wasn’t worth even noticing. It would serve Brent right, that bloated, overprivileged, spoiled brat!

Except there had been pain in Brent’s face as he did his best to cut Rob to the quick. Hurting others was uncharacteristic for Brent. He’d always been kind and quiet, in his slightly superior way. That superiority might have been shyness. And the hurt might have come from feeling scared.

Rob had felt a little scared before he came out to his family, but only a little. He had researched coming-out stories and scenarios, and he’d decided early on that his family would probably be okay with it despite their Catholic background. He was right. Blood ran thicker than even holy water. And once his parents and Jas presented a united front to the congregation during a church volunteering event, Rob had found that the parishioners tried to either leave him alone or contain their curiosity.

The latter kind was funny. He could always tell when someone was dying to ask what it was like to be gay, whether he’d kissed another boy or had done some other things, but kept his or her mouth shut instead. The constipated silence differed from disapproval; there was a glint in the eye, a conspiratorial wink, a shy smile. They got over it soon and treated him the same as before. Reverend John reminded him to come to confession, and he did get a few extra Hail Mary’s when he’d confessed to impure thoughts. All in all, it hadn’t been nearly as bad as what he’d read about from his various Internet sources.

Brent was scared right now, and Rob knew that. He was still mad, however, and even though he’d considered texting him, he found he had nothing to say. He didn’t want to ask “Hey Brent, how’re you doing?” because he had a good idea already. He didn’t want to meet—not yet—and even though Rob wanted to show a measure of concern and support, every time he thought of Brent’s bitter, cutting words, his disposition soured. Rob’s imagined words of support turned to whiny accusations in his mind even before he typed them out, and he’d rather die than send them.

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