GUEST BLOG! “Sire”, Brent, myself. Thoughts on teen suicide.


I can’t tell you how excited I am today. There is so much going on!

My guest blog is up at the Dreamspinner Press blog site, and I still don’t regret getting a bit  TMI and personal in its contents. Yes, this too shall pass. “Sire” deals with two teenagers, one of whom feels the ground shift under his feet. Not a happy feeling – but even earthquakes are of limited duration. Sire is even on a surprise 25% off sale! Cool.

My $0.99 features consist of 3 novels: Broken Gait (a companion book to Sire); Breakfall (a martial art crime suspense gay romance melodrama), and Zipper Fall (a quirky stand-alone, where two sociopaths try hard to make a happy home.) NOT Wild Horses – my mistake! I just … forgot.

Catch up with me on DSP’s FB site sometime this weekend or later this week, and have a great day!

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