THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Kickass Anthology for Eric Arvin

Kickass cover 3

One year ago, the illustrated Kickass Anthology came out on Amazon. A group of amazing writers and graphic artists donated their talents, and others edited and copy-proofed on a volunteer basis, and I formatted and published, to raise funds for Eric Arvin, who got unexpectedly disabled and needed help. We’ve raised and delivered over three thousand dollars to date. Today I’m sending a new check, the 2nd and 3rd quarter royalties for 2015, for $314.02. This is not as stellar an amount, but every penny will help and I thank all of you who were kind enough to contribute to the original effort.

Meanwhile, we have other developments: Eric needs an exercise machine called a “quadricizer,” and you can donate directly to his fundraising effort here. He has over $16K of the $20K needed to purchase this specialized piece of equipment. Unlike giving to a big charitable organization, you know that donating to this effort will result in a 100% fund transfer to Eric. None of this 70% for “administration” nonsense.

Another development: A volunteer translator translated the Kickass Anthology into Spanish! I’ll be formatting the book in January, and I already have a kind friend who volunteered to proof the galley for me. If any of you are Spanish speakers of native fluency, and would be willing to donate your time to a good cause, please contact me at I don’t speak Spanish past ordering in a restaurant, and I’d be thrilled to have another set of eyes to pick out the obvious and inevitable typos that do occur.

Thank you all who buy and promote the Kickass Anthology, and who donate to Eric’s fund directly! Please forward this post as we fight for a good cause.

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  1. JP Kenwood says:

    Reblogged this on JP Kenwood and commented:
    Great news about the funds generated for Eric Arvin by the Kickass Anthology! And now it will be available in Spanish? \o/ Don’t forget our lad Charlie Hughes has a story in this anthology with amazing artwork by Fiona Fu. ❤

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