THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Big plans for 2016, like always.

The dreaded planning for the next year has begun. It’s a necessary step to get where I want to be, though, because a plan tells me whether I’m moving decently well or whether I’m just flailing along. And as I evaluate, I have to remember to be kind to myself. I had planned to release 8 books in 2015, and had released only 7. A bit short, there, but… I refuse to call that a failure. Nope, it’s “failing into success.”

So what of 2016? I’ll tell you what. Ten books, baby. Ten books either published or submitted. Not just written, because a fully written book just sitting on my hard drive doesn’t do me, or my readers, any good. How do I know? Well…   it’s like this:

One of my 2015 releases had sat on my drive for two years.

Currently, I have the following, fully-written and not-yet-submitted novels on my hard drive:

  1. “Lucky Starflowers,” a M/M which needs a few tweaks before I can resubmit it to Dreamspinner Press.
  2. “Critical Timing,” my Balkans 1991 adventure suspense.
  3. “Crone,” a martial arts novella

But that’s not all. The following works are well-begun and all I have to do is sit down and finish them:

  1. “Waterkin,” a new adult urban fantasy.
  2. “Rusty Blade,” a martial arts thriller.
  3. “Critical Luck,” sequel to “Critical Timing.”
  4. Swim Bike Run, volume 3 (and I still need a title.)

Plus I have all those fun ideas that come to me as I go along. I have to control those with an iron hand, and in order to do that, I put the titles on a little paper cut-out of a fighter jet and tape them on my office door. A level jet is waiting for *permission* to take off. No taking off while I’m busy with ongoing planes in the air, please. If it’s tilted up, it’s a Work-In-Progress and I’m actively working on it. And when I’m done writing, and it’s either submitted or I’m publishing it myself, it goes on the office window. Nose-up means it’s still in the air. Level means the story has landed, and is available for purchase.

Since I’m both a visual creature and a distractible one, and since I don’t outline, a jet waiting for a control-tower permission to scramble is a ver good way of keeping myself sane and relatively organized.

If you look above, getting 10 books out should be pretty doable. Publish or submit 3, finish 4, and write three brand-new and fresh books, three eager jets waiting to launch into the air and buzz the tangled landscape of my mind. Piece of cake? No. Doable? Definitely.

And with that, I wish the rest of you health, love, and happiness in 2016.



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