SwimBikeRun sale ends tonight spur thoughts on marketing

So, first thing first: “Treading Water,” Book 1 of the SwimBikeRun series is free on Amazon until midnight tonight. After that, pay me for my champagne and caviar, folks! The link is here.  And than you for buying Book 2, “Hard Climb!” Checking on the sale date on Amazon make me do a double-take, though. It says there are 8 used and 12 new paperback copies for sale. REALLY? That’s news to me. In the M/M genre, e-books constitute a vast majority of sales and I’m certainly not aware of more than a handful of paperback sales from CreateSpace. Now, consider the timeline: for a POD (Print On Demand) book, it takes a week for me to actually receive a copy in the mail. I can only surmise that these merchants list unpurchased books, have some kind of an extended-distribution discount form Amazon, and sell them for a very modest profit.

Not that I mind. But, still. The incongruency of cash flow – and book flow – that results from seeing these numbers boggles the mind. AND ANOTHER THING. My mind is totally flipped inside-out by finding out that some of my books up for sale, used, for $37 dollars. As far as I know, they aren’t even autographed. (If you want an autographed copy of anything, you can get it from me directly using PayPal, just drop me a line). Who buys that, if anyone? Who inflates these prices? For whom? Why? Amazon gremlins strike again. I’m floored, just floored. I don’t think they’re being shipped to New Zealand, because a reader in Kiwi-land wanted a paperback and she and I made it possible, so I know the prices down there, inclusive of postage. It’s certainly well below $37.

There are certain mysteries in life that just make me stop, and think, and then I decide they’re not worth it and I move on again. This is one of them. Wishing you a productive and pleasant day here – I’m off to write some new words!

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One Response to SwimBikeRun sale ends tonight spur thoughts on marketing

  1. PD Singer says:

    You’re exactly right on the unpurchased copy being offered for sale: if someone actually guys one, they purchase it from Createspace, with a dealer discount if they have one, or hope to make it up on shipping if they don’t. The bots will fight each other, and do weird things to pricing, starting high and inching closer to reality with time. Usually.

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