THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – a pretty late essay

snow berries small

This is one late blog – but it’s all for a good cause. Every so often, it’s good to take a break from the Internet. Groaning under the load of real life stress, smarting by David Bowie’s departure home, heartsore for Alan Rickman. Sometimes it’s good to just unplug and experience the real, the flesh-and-blood, the here-and-now. Sometimes, it’s good to meet a friend for breakfast and talk about all kinds of things over eggs and hash. The dog gets walked, the writing gets done on the Wi-Fi-free computer and the family gets a decent dinner, yet the echoes of life changes and conversations can leave one chilled and squishy inside. Time to skip karate while I’m in my misanthropic sunshine mode. Time to soak in the hot tub and go to sleep early – perhaps even with the best of intent to blog in the morning.

Yet morning comes on the heels of an SOS request to drive a young friend to a doctor’s office. And if she won’t get her physical, she won’t get her driver’s permit, which means she won’t get her driver’s license… so you go and bring the laptop, thinking you’ll write while waiting. But no, people are coming and going and the distractions are endless. Writing at the DMV, in their sepulchral silence, is easier than writing in the waiting room of a doctor’s office.

And then your husband takes you out to lunch, after which you go home and write some more, and you walk the dog in the woods. Before you know it the night chases out the day and only the pink cherry tree lighs outside shed light on the melting snow.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow the sun also rises.

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