I should be packing for Colorado. I ought to run out to the Apple store and get a new charger for my laptop, and deposit a check, and run the dog in the woods. All those details, and I won’t get to do all that tonight, because my younger daughter is one of the leads in her school’s “Beauty and the Beast” musical, so naturally, I’ll be at the theater. That’s her, Mrs. Potts, and she has to keep her arm up all the time, because every tea kettle has a proper spout. And that kid in the cart is Chip, her son, and only his face is showing through the cup – but I digress.

Kiss packing tonight good-bye.

“I should be writing,” says my nagging internal voice.

And cleaning the kitchen, because my older daughter’s coming to town to see her little sister in the show, and let me tell you, having her own apartment got my college student downright persnickety about what a “clean kitchen” is supposed to look like.

“But you won’t be here,” my husband says over breakfast. “You won’t get to worry about it.”

“But I’ll know,” I fretted, “and she’s taking a weekend off school and she’ll spend her free time cleaning the kitchen.” Again. Because we’ve been there before. Although making the kitchen sparkle and shine might be a welcome change from the grueling pace of art school. Don’t laugh, these kids work as hard as we had in grad school. She doesn’t even know what a “keg party” is.

So, off to pack, ladies and gents. Off to throw my winter gear into a small carry-on. I’ll be visiting a cottage in the mountains an hour out from Denver. I don’t know where. I’ll be with three other writers, and of whom I’ve met one in person, and whose real names are a mystery to me. It might be foolhardy to head out across the continent and into the snowy wilderness alone, accompanied by virtual personas. They might be ax murderers, but whatever. This is an adventure I need so badly I can taste it.

A change of scenery.

New people to meet.

New stories to write while snowed in, tethered to civilization by my newly purchased laptop charger and a spotty Wi-Fi.

I just hope it won’t be too cold to make naked snow angels.


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