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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – My Imaginary training buddies

Jesse was the one who’d give me a nod when I struggled. He was the one who’d crack a grin, toss his head, and call, “Hey, showing up matters! You can do it. You’re doing it now!”
Jesse was my inspiration as much as I was his creator. Sebastian just gave me a reserved nod of acknowledgment. You know how he is.
And that’s how “SwimBikeRun” was born. Continue reading

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  Sometimes, life just hits you hard. We’ve been traveling for 2 weeks, staying with family over the holidays, just so work could be done in our house and I could return into comfort in time for my book release … Continue reading

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Author interview

One last author interview to conclude the “Breakfall” blog tour!

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An interview with Asbjorn Lund of “Breakfall” My 10-day blog tour started today. Read the words of the somewhat embarrassed and gritty Asbjorn! Character interviews can be great fun. You never know what your subject will say…

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My character’s backstory, my backstory… Zipper Fall peek

This blogpost is dedicated to my cousin Misha, who is celebrating her 29th birthday again. We all know that a character is like an iceberg, and the reader sees only the tip of it, right? What the reader doesn’t see … Continue reading

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