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TUESDAY MORNING COFFEE – Kickass Anthology fundraiser for Eric Arvin

Voila! Helping a fellow writer in need, twenty of us got together to create an illustrated collection of short stories and novellas. Each story features a seemingly smaller and weaker guy who uses wit, grit, and guile to overcome a superior … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING BLOG – Reviews and writing

I did my “what’s new” scan of my books and found a lovely review from “Romancing the Book” review site for (“Zipper Fall,” in case my linkage didn’t come through). This pleasant find made me realize how my approach to book … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – scary can be good.

Growth hurts. Pushing outside my boundaries twists my brain and wrenches my gut and I just gasp and close my eyes and try to get some oxygen. Just one big, clean breath of fresh air before I throw up from … Continue reading

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Review of “BROKEN GAIT”

I’m happy to present the FIRST review of my latest release, “Broken Gait.” Cryselle’s Bookshelf nailed everything right – especially the things I’m still working on. (Yes, writers do work on their craft. It’s important to practice, just like with … Continue reading

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Welcome. I love this book. It’s a romance, but it’s also an adventure. The world of elite cycling lies revealed before our eyes: the workouts, the diets, the gear, the competition, the financials. Especially the financials. And the landscapes! From … Continue reading

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