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I love my cups, my writing companions. They are part of my writing rituals and help me summon just the right mood. Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Freya, the Force of Chaos

If you walked through my house right now, you might wonder why there’s mulch on the living room carpet and why do I have a basket of dirty laundry on the kitchen counter. There are reasons for these things, and … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Ballet vs. Karate, part 2

Ballet Master Bob stopped the piano accompanist and walked up to me. “Where did you study before this?” My 45 classmates craned their necks, wanting to know. I was mortified with embarrasement. “North Hills Academy of Shorin Ryu,” I replied truthfully. “it’s a karate school.” Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – College packing: “But what about your orchid??”

Sending my 20-year old for another year of studying animation, where orchids, a fish tank, and a well-equipped kitchen constitute the necessities of today’s college life. Continue reading

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Ugh. I need to get moving, folks. And it’s not easy. Before last weekend, I was humming at a productive pace despite having been sick. Then relatives and friends started showing up from far away (Czech Republic, Florida, Virginia, Maryland … Continue reading

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What was funny two weeks ago ain’t funny now. It’s amazing how a $2,200 dog surgery changes your outlook on whether a puppy stealing a plastic wrapper from the garbage is horribly funny, or just horrible. Continue reading

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The sharp blade of the antique Japanese sword was poised, its tip resting on my index finger by the sheath. Sensei – my teacher – stood two feet away from me. His sword was sheathed as he regarded me with … Continue reading

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Making trouble for my characters is what I love to do in my books. No smooth sailing makes for a better plot and, if I’m lucky, a bit of humor to release tension as needed. So… which one of my characters … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Distracting dissonance

I was dragged to piano lessons at the tender age of seven. They said I was too old to learn. Now though, my teenage musical kid needs to learn enough keyboarding to accompany herself as she sings, and… piano. Electronic and portable, innocuous, … Continue reading

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Several month after Caramel’s sudden passing, we have a puppy coming! Finding a lab-mix female took what felt like forever. There seems to be a shortage of suitable puppies in the Pittsburgh area for those who prefer to avoid puppy … Continue reading

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