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The sharp blade of the antique Japanese sword was poised, its tip resting on my index finger by the sheath. Sensei – my teacher – stood two feet away from me. His sword was sheathed as he regarded me with … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – When it’s for real

Karate practice with weapons. Same old, same old… until a man deflects my attack at half-speed. His Okinawan sickles, or kama, are a natural appendage. Block. Hit my chin. Cut my arm – break my rib. Grab my neck with a wicked sharp blade, grab my hip and THROW. His half-speed rushes down a mountain, curved road and no railing in the turns. Suddenly even a wooden weapon feels “for real.” Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – scary can be good.

Growth hurts. Pushing outside my boundaries twists my brain and wrenches my gut and I just gasp and close my eyes and try to get some oxygen. Just one big, clean breath of fresh air before I throw up from … Continue reading

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Stories that heal

What do you think when you see an eighteen year old art student? She is at the cancer center to study its impressive architecture for a class assignment. You might think she doesn’t belong, because she is too old to … Continue reading

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