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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – New day, new month, new start

Let’s just say March didn’t go as planned. I could flagellate myself over reading instead of writing, or shopping instead of exercising. I could call myself bad names and recite a whole litany of what-ifs and if-onlys. But I won’t. … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Fall into your cut. Control gravity.

Frank raised his sword and cut at my forehead. I got out of the way, unscathed, feet whispering against the carpet. I cut his wrist. We did it again. I got this, I thought, catching my reflection in the mirror. … Continue reading

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Trilogy complete! LANDFALL out April 3rd!

  Having a book out hasn’t gotten old yet! It’s my pleasure to announce that Landfall, book 3 of the Fall Trilogy, is available for pre-order at the Dreamspinner Press link below, and will be available on April 3rd. If … Continue reading

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USA Today review – “Swordfall” and “On the Run”

   I woke up to this http://www.usatoday.com/story/happyeverafter/2015/02/05/love-and-lust-becky-condit-kate-pavelle-swordfall/22932975/ of my latest two books. Swordfall is book 2 of the Fall Trilogy, and “On the Run” is the first book of the Cancelled Czech Files series. Both books come with recommendations – what a … Continue reading

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  Sometimes, life just hits you hard. We’ve been traveling for 2 weeks, staying with family over the holidays, just so work could be done in our house and I could return into comfort in time for my book release … Continue reading

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From the road – Anthology, Swordfall, and edits, oh my!

I’m currently traveling and my productivity is limited by my connectivity and battery life. This being said, I’m happy to announce that we’ve raised $1,127.36 from the well-reviewed Kickass Anthology sales as of this writing! If you want to raise more, check out … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – “Swordfall” cover sneak preview

This is Asbjorn. Sword in hand, he’s out to execute a minor correction to a flawed justice system. He’s in Boston, obviously – that’s the Public Garden in the background – and there is snow in the air, as appropriate … Continue reading

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