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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Big plans for 2016, like always.

I have all those fun ideas that come to me as I go along. I have to control those with an iron hand, and in order to do that, I put the titles on a little paper cut-out of a fighter jet and tape them on my office door. A level jet is waiting for *permission* to take off. No taking off while I’m busy with ongoing planes in the air, please. If it’s tilted up, it’s a Work-In-Progress and I’m actively working on it. Continue reading

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I love my cups, my writing companions. They are part of my writing rituals and help me summon just the right mood. Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Freya, the Force of Chaos

If you walked through my house right now, you might wonder why there’s mulch on the living room carpet and why do I have a basket of dirty laundry on the kitchen counter. There are reasons for these things, and … Continue reading

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Some of us writers are tearing our hair out, because we censor ourselves while writing. “Will the readier like this? Or will the reader like THAT better? What will sell?” We all love to write, but there’s the bills and … Continue reading

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You might have noticed that my “morning coffee blog” doesn’t come out in the morning. Usually I write it in the morning – despite my best intentions, life gets in the way. But there are reasons. REASONS, not excuses. Some … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Fine details of indie publishing

By now, you all know that my next release is “Treading Water,” a triathlon M/M romance. What you may not know is that I ventured forth to publish this one through Mugen Press. Or, indie. On my own. Because authors … Continue reading

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Making trouble for my characters is what I love to do in my books. No smooth sailing makes forĀ a better plot and, if I’m lucky, a bit of humor to release tension as needed. So… which one of my characters … Continue reading

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We sit by our glowing screens, butt in the chair, trying not to hunch, striving to keep that core engaged. We drink our coffee and water and tea, forcing a walk break to the bathroom on a regular basis. And … Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Freelance discipline: Don’t let your hobby horses carry you away!

Freelancing offers unstructured time to pursue enviable hobbies – but make sure to balance those by trading for scheduled fun to get your work done. Be a harder boss. Continue reading

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THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE – Ass in the writing chair.

Not every one of my blogs is an upbeat slice of life, or a revelation, or news of another book. There are times, like today, when I don’t know what to write about ’cause my mind is spinning with things … Continue reading

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